Be kind to yourself first


Yoga to me never ends with Asana practice but with seeing life itself as my practice- Per example- even when we thought that we waved our expectations (my personal favorits are the high expectations about myself) good bye they come running back to us.
So what to do about it?

You may realize at some point that is a mistake to think that if we do not have some warm satisfaction, that we followed an old pattern again, we did something wrong, so our practice in life/on the mat isnt good enough. I find times in my practice where I’m not very kind to myself by speaking/thinking harshly to myself in my head.
Trying to have the „right posture“ and counting your breath may feel liveless too because you are just following instructions, you may become aware that you are not kind enough with yourself.
But the purpose of Yoga is to encourage you to be kind to yourself.
Instead of counting your breath to avoid thinking/feeling you take the best care about yourself by breathing. One breath after the other not more, not less your thoughts and feelings will calm, change. What will follow is a warm feeling in your body and breath, this way you come back to yourself- stabilize on a regular basis.

Beeing in contact with your breath will lead you to the question- What kind of connection do you have to your friends?
Is it competitive, jealous? Or warm and open?
Can you see that you are connected?
How is your next breath?

Take care of your breath like a mum takes care of her kid.
Take good care about yourself. Compassion is a human business and not a luxury. Compassion is essential for your peace and mental stability, for human survival.